Right, you horrible lot, let’s be having ya!

First a little busy work- since my last post I have finished Lost Odyssey. I found it did that annoying JRPG thing of not sign posting side quests and completing the Temple of Enlightenment leaves the game somewhat broken in that you are over powered for anything the game can throw at you, but the final bosses were suitably epic and the final scenes were gut-wrenchingly emotional so I’ll let it off. The New Game+ is nifty too, allowing you to keep your character’s levels and abilities so you can enjoy the story without the grind.

Any review of Lost Odyssey is basically going to be lining up it’s faults then countering them with examples of great story and game design so I can’t judge it too harshly. Level grinding does get annoying on a first play through though so let’s call it a B+. That okay with everyone? Good.

Second, I had some harsh words to say about Square-Enix last time but someone pointed out that they published Life is Strange which is amazing AND YOU SHOULD BUY IT NOW! (I didn’t mean it Square-Enix, please send me free stuff). The time travel mechanics are nifty, the characters are vivid and well-defined and apart from a few awkward tonal shifts the story is gripping with enough twists to satisfy even the fussiest Twin Peaks fan.

The cynic in me is tempted to say that anything good probably came from developers Dontnod, but then again their only other title is Tomb Raider reboot-clone Remember Me which had a whole heap of flaws so who knows? Also there’s probably some people still working at Square-Enix that made Final Fantasy’s 7, 8 and 9, so maybe they aren’t that bad. Free stuff, please.

Finally, I’m going to be a little self indulgent.

“Maisie, you sexual tyrannosaurus, when aren’t you self indulgent?” I hear you cry, to which I reply “That’s a loud voice you have there sir or madam or amorphous blob from beyond the stars intent on destroying humanity!”

What I mean is I’m going to be extra self indulgent and talk about some personal projects. I’ve mentioned before that I am an amateur musician. I haven’t played in a band for a while, that would mean actually interacting with people, but I’ve found I’ve been getting the musical itch so I bought some cheap recording equipment and have made a few home demos. It started out as a “just for fun” activity, but I think some of them have been pretty good.

Here’s one of my cuts, Never Trust A Kiss. No vocals yet and the drums could probably be higher in the mix, but I can always change that later. I think it has sort of a Fearless Vampire Killers vibe (I’m really digging their sophomore effort, Unbreakable Hearts, at the moment) with a classic rock influence. Whilst on my channel I recommend checking out some of my short films. Some of them are actually ok! Ish.

Well have you had your work featured at film festivals?

I recommend starting with camp superhero pastiche The Hero and my Doctor Who fan film. It has a regeneration and everything! Give me a job, Moffat!

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