You all know the drill by now.

I’m lazy and it’s hot so you get to read one of my short stories!


Seriously, at this point I’m basically a mass of melted human flesh melded into my couch and the thought of writing up a full post is causing me to make an involuntary noise that I can only describe as “fghnaginnnnnndghfdj”.

Swiftly changing subject, it may surprise you (but probably not) to hear that I am a big fan of HP Lovecraft. Old Howard Phillip sends a shiver up my spine like no one else and is probably the 20th century’s greatest writer of cosmic horror. I love how he crafts his stories, his antagonists facing forces bigger than themselves in an uncaring universe, where a victory is never guaranteed, never absolute and never without great cost.

The images and feelings he evokes are bleak but vital, dragging the reader into the enormity of creation and how tenuous humanity’s place in the universe is and how our sense of order and good/evil is nothing but a flimsy construct that could break at any time years before any other contemporary fiction writers began exploring those themes.

That and casual racism. If a black dude turns up in a Lovecraft story then he’s probably a voodoo priest or an assassin.

With that in mind, here is a Lovecraftian-inspired tale (minus the racism) from my own mind. I hope you enjoy it.

Yshagarth the Destroyer

I doubt anyone will read this, but if anyone has survived the initial onslaught I shall leave this with my files in the vain hope that someone may eke out some kind of resistance.

Let me begin by saying that I am not one for hyperbole or cliché; but I feel there is no point in my continued living.

I tried talking to the authorities, my contacts in the League of Occult Warriors and even my local priest for all the good that would do, but it has been all for nought.

I have consulted the prophets, followed the stars and consulted as many ancient texts as I could hoping to find an error in my conclusions, but there is none.

Three days from now a portal will open and one of the ancient ones, most likely Yshagarth from what my research indicates, will invade our dimension.

I received a vision in my dreams of a foul beast atop a tower, looking down at the ashes of our world. I don’t know how to explain it, but the geometry of the unholy thing and it’s throne were just… wrong.

I learned a long time ago not to ignore my dreams, so my research began, where I found no less than eight others had had similar dreams. This was enough for me to begin my investigation.

Along with this letter I shall enclose all my research, but know this- that which I found was not discovered without great personal risk and loss.

I originally tried to take this to the League, hoping to get their aid. It turned out to be a waste of time, not to mention an immense risk as I ended up having to fight my way out of the place. It seems that Yshagarth’s minions had taken control of any possible resistance groups ahead of his physical manifestation.


These cultists actually think to save themselves by placating the creature. It has no regard for human life, I have seen so first hand.

Against all odds I somehow managed to put together the materials needed for a banishment ritual. As I began to make the proper incantations at the site of it’s future arrival, a portal opened.

I saw things.

Horrors I could not hope to put into words but the images of which are burned into my very eyes, occupying every waking thought.

I can not recall what happened next, but from what I can piece together I fled in fear, much to my own abashment, before the wards could be put in place.

And now, here I am, in my study, ready to end it all. Every sound is sending waves of paranoia through me, I am convinced the minions of Yshagarth have found me. It is dark out, but I am sure I can see the shadows of unmentionable creatures out there.

To my great shame, my cowardice prevents me from making another attempt at the banishment ritual.

I would like to think I could escape, survive and create a resistance group in the new world. Alas, I am no leader of humanity.

I doubt these words will ever meet the eyes of mortal men, but if you find this and are made of sterner stuff than I, then hopefully my legacy will be of that of a martyr and not a coward.

That is the best I can hope for.

Good luck.

So that’s that. Hope you enjoyed it.

See you next time xx