Okay, I didn’t want to do yet another rant about games developers. In fact I really wanted to talk about something happy for a change, but I’m still in post-show blues and I’m feeling a need to address something that I’m seeing is becoming more and more of a problem in society. The problem of people being “offended”.

I wasn’t really sure how to address this, because if I look at it from a sympathetic point of view then I look like a radicalised social justice warrior who is- pause for dramatic effect- POLITICALLY CORRECT!!!!!!!!! On the other hand, if I go out of my way to be politically incorrect I run the risk of being compared to the likes of Jeremy Clarkson and those pricks. I could call it down the middle and both groups would accuse me of being the other one.

As people who know me personally or anyone who’s read some of my previous posts probably know, I do hold certain views that could be considered “feminist”. Gender/racial/class equality, an end to prejudice and discrimination, performative/fluctuating gender and sexuality- I believe in all of that. I hold off on calling myself an all out feminist mostly because I feel there is a radicalised element that makes anyone affiliated with them look bad, as well as a… misguided group who mean well but kind of end up shouting people down rather than engaging in cogent debate.

Maybe I shouldn’t let a vocal minority put me off, I recognise that it’s pretty dumb to do that, but I have heard this being called the “shit-covered man effect”. Basically, someone makes a well-reasoned argument with appropriate annotations, examples and references that you can’t/don’t want to dispute. Then a man covered in shit stands up and says “I agree with that person!” Suddenly your subconscious mind associates the argument with a man covered in shit and you can’t agree with it anymore. It sucks, but that’s just the way it is sometimes.

But anyway, there seems to be some kind of misnomer among my friends and family that because I associate myself with feminist beliefs that I’m going to be offended by everything. Truth is except for certain days when my anxiety is really high, I’m a zen mother fucker. This loud mouth, swearing thing is mostly just an act for the purposes of trying to make this blog a bit more entertaining.

But it’s irritating having everyone floating around me going “ha ha I’m winding you up” when I’m not, I just have nothing to say. If somebody disputes my beliefs, I will debate with them. I’ll do so stoically, and reasonably. It seems to me that I get accused of being offended or being wound up only when I have produced an argument they can’t dispute, but still.

My point is that I am quite hard to offend, but there are people out there that are just fucking vile; who spout hateful rhetoric and should be fucking shut down. The type of people who say women’s cleavages cause earthquakes, or LGBT people cause floods. In fact, any kind of radicalisation or extremism should be shot down faster than a Road Runner orgasm.


Quicker than that.

At the same time, I think when it comes to being offended, especially on the internet, people need to pick their battles. Pay gap between men and women? That’s a reasonable thing to be offended by. Honey Boo Boo calling gay men poodles because she likes both gay men and poodles? Come on, she was fucking SIX YEARS OLD  when she said that. You’re being an arse hole.

The things people find to be offended about are ridiculous. And yes, I truly believe people go out of their way to be offended by things that are none of their business. My Grandma went on a full 30 minute rant recently (that must be where I get it from) because the Olympic stadium in London is being bought by some football club (I can’t be bothered finding a link) for millions of pounds. She’s entitled to her opinion, of course she is, but for the life of me I don’t see how one rich person buying a building from another rich person is anyone else’s business, let alone something to have a half hour, angry, shouting rant over.

It’s indicative of our entire culture these days. We think that if we don’t like something or if something doesn’t appeal to us that gives us the right to try to eradicate it. Sometimes this is appropriate, like with racism or any kind of prejudice, but honestly if something doesn’t directly hurt or affect you in anyway (like genders that exist outside of a binary or disliking a film) then chill the fuck out. Go have a wank or whatever it is that calms you down because it’s really not worth getting worked up over.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t have brought this up except I came across a recently compiled list of the Greatest Films of the 21st Century. I haven’t seen all of these, some I’ve seen but don’t agree with their position, a lot of films I like are missing. I don’t agree with Mulholland Drive as number one (that would have to be Django Unchained or Scott Pilgrim for me, but I digress), but David Lynch is one of my all-time favourite directors and it’s nice to see him get some recognition. And because I’m a reasonable adult I could disagree with this list and leave it at that.

Except I can’t. Because I took a look at the comments. Full of vitriol over a list of fucking films.

One user writes:

“Did I miss it, or was the Godfather NOT on this list ?? If not, then the list is what the Germans would call furarsenwipen !!”

This guy hasn’t even read the fucking title of the article and has worked himself into a right tizzy. He can take the time to come up with an amalgamation of words that sound like a German insult, but not the half-second to read the name of the link he’s clicked on. This person is so determined to be offended that they would rather make themselves look a massive twat than actually read one number. Other suggestions in this similar vein include Top Gun and The Shawshank Redemption.

Another user states, rather emphatically:

“If ‘Children of Men’ is the 12th best film of this century, i want a recount, and i’m submitting  some of my home movies!!”

Because how dare someone on the internet have a different opinion. That really gets my knickers in a twist. People are starving, children are dying but SOMEONE DISAGREES WHAT THE BEST FILM IS! EAR FUCK THEM UNTIL THEY DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!!!!!


In the interests of full disclosure, I picked today’s featured image in the hopes of offending as many people as possible. I don’t find it offensive, but if you do then please hang yourself so I don’t have to look at you anymore.

I realise I’m being a hypocrite here, getting offended by people being offended when it means nothing to me what they think, then going out of my way to offend more people. But I don’t give a shit, everyone makes me angry by being fucking stupid all of the time! Anti-intellectualism is at an all time high! Cats and dogs are living together!!!!!


Maybe I should take my own advice and have a wank. That actually sounds great right about now…

😉 ❤

As always, thank you for reading. For your music this week, here’s Donny, a cut from recently retired post-hardcore legends Funeral For A Friend’s final album, Chapter & Verse. Four months and I still fucking miss these guys so much it hurts.

Until next we meet xx